Martlesham Village Fete

A small group of dedicated volunteers are now taking this forward under the umbrella of the Parish Council. The aim is to have a local Martlesham event showcasing and celebrating community groups, charities, local musicians, businesses and residents young and old all of whom contribute to making Martlesham an attractive place to live. It will be important to appeal to all parts of the village, old and new.

More details will be published in the coming months

  • If you are a resident it will be an opportunity to volunteer and make the event a success

  • If you represent a community group you will be able to showcase your activities, raise funds and generate more members

  • If you are a charity you will be able to publicise your work, attract volunteers and raise funds

  • If you run a local business you can exhibit and reach your customer base and thank them by sponsoring aspects of the event

  • If you are a group of musicians or entertainers you can have the opportunity to perform

If you are in any of these categories please register your early interest by sending an email to: and one of our volunteers will contact you

By W W on November 11th, 2017