New Martlesham Dog Waste Campaign

The Parish Council is working in partnership with Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd (MHHL), Martlesham Youth Football Club, Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC), and SCL Ltd on a campaign to encourage dog walkers to pick up after their dogs and reduce dog fouling in the parish.  MHHL has already funded and installed two new dog dirt bins on Martlesham Heath.  SCL Ltd (the Parish Council's Land Maintenance Contractor) will be funding a new dog dirt bin on the Recreation Ground, The Street.  We are producing signs for litter bins so that the public is aware that bagged dog waste can be also placed in them.  Signs on lampposts will remind dog walkers to ‘COLLECT, BAG & BIN’ dog waste or face a fine of £80, which is the fixed penaly charge. Cases taken to court can result in up to a £1000 fine. We have support from the Suffolk Coastal Dog Warden team who carry out work and inspections for the District and they will continue to help support us for any future aspects of the project.

We are aware that there are a lot of responsible dog owners who regularly clear up but we are aiming to get the message across to those who do not take the same care. If you spot someone not clearing up perhaps they may have forgotton a bag so if you have a spare, offering one might just help.

By W W on November 23rd, 2017