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Do You use the Council Car Park - Felixstowe Road?

We have had problems with anti social behaviour in the car park and we are working with the police on ways to deal with the problem. Preventing access to the site for  those who are unable to behave properly has been suggested but with many different users accessing the car park at different times of the day/night operation of any gate or barrier may be an issue. If you use the car park how might the opening and closing of any barrier affect you? Do you think the hirer of the halls could manage operation of the gate? Do you have any thoughts on how we could keep out unathorised users without spoiling its use for those that are legitimate? We have a group looking at this problem and a structured survey of users may be conducted to help us, but in the meantime if you have any views or suggestions please let us know.

Martlesham Recreation Ground

We have had problems with cars driving inappropriately across the Recreation Ground and as a result a a barrier and bird mouth fencing have been installed to limit access to the site and to encourage people to park in the car park. Arrangements have been made with the Bowls Club and Martlesham Youth Football Club to provide access when needed.

Council Tax Contribution to the Parish Council

Our budget for 2017/18 and the resulting precept required has been agreed. More deatils are here.

Parish Amenities

Are you aware of what amenities are provided within the Parish? More information here.

Jubillee Play Space and Diamond Jubilee Bike Trails

New plans are being considered for this area following the approval of a planning application for 47 homes at the end of Black Tiles Lane. Do let us know if you have any views. More information here.

Martlesham Neighbourhood Plan

The consultation on the pre-submission neighbourhood plan closed on 31st January 2017. This was the chance for everyone in the Parish to see the plan and feed back comments before the plan is finalised and submiited to the Planning Inspecor and a formal referendum carried out.

The document had been distributed throughout the parish for consultation and there were public displays and drop-in sessions which you were able to attend. Dates for sessions were 6th, 12th and 15th December 2016 and 30th January 2017.

The consultation ran from 14th November 2016 until 31st January 2017.

Further information is available at http://martleshamnp.onesuffolk.net/

Recreation Ground Maintenance

Collection of Long Grass Cuttings

Woodbridge Neighbourhood Plan (incorporating Martlesham North)

Woodbridge Town Council has announced that no further work will take place on the Woodbridge (with part of Martlesham) Neighbourhood Plan.  We understand that planning matters will now revert to SCDC who will take the matter forward as part of their Local Plan Review and the opportunities to comment through that process. Martlesham Parish Council remains a statutory consultee for the whole of Martlesham parish.

Woodbridge Town Council have made a statement about the matter on their website at http://www.woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk/news/neighbourhood-plan-statement/

Dog Control

We are experiencing problems with some dog owners, particularly on the Recreation Ground, The Street, who allow their dogs to roam free without restriction, frightening children in the play area and intimidating other users of the area who do not own dogs.  Dog fouling is also causing problems for footballers and other users of the ground and our land maintenance contractor.  We appreciate the conduct of responsible dog owners who assist by keeping dogs under control and clearing up after them and hope that all dog owners will follow their example in the future.

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