Class photo of Gorseland  School Children with spades and trowels in handInformal photo of four children planting a sapling with adult volunteers looking onGroup Photo of visitors infants and volunteers with Mr Bright centreSmall group of children planting a sapling in a holePrimary school children planting in the fieldChildren filling up soil from a wheelbarrow

Frank Bright seated with children standing behindOur youngest volunteer with water bottles and wheelbarrowFirst fruits Summer 2020



Thank You! In January 2022, volunteers planted out Phase Two of our Community Orchard ably and enthusiastically assisted by pupils from Gorseland Primary School, their Eco-Warriors, along with their teachers and helpers. Ten fruit trees were planted: apples, pears and plums. Our special guest on the day was Mr Frank Bright MBE, after whom the Orchard is named to recognise his long-standing work in Holocaust education. Thanks go to everyone who helped with both the Stage One and Stage Two planting . Stage 3 is anticipated be planted out next year. Our thanks also to all those who have volunteered for the watering rota, and If you would like to be involved, either watering or in any other way please contact the parish council. We can get this done while maintaining social distancing. 

We enjoyed a fabulous first fruit crop in Summer 2020 showing good things do happen despite lockdown, but the rain and cold weather affected the 2021 crop which was disappointing. We look forward to our third crop in Summer 2022. 

Our community orchard is a whole community project -  planning, establishing and maintaining an orchard for our generation and future generations. The Parish Council  is leading the Project with Martlesham in Bloom  suporting,  and we would love to hear from anyone else in the community interested in the environment and  in developing this amenity as a community legacy. Marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the orchard was named after local resident Mr Bright, a Holocaust survivor.  Mr Bright speaks widely to students to share his war time experiences. Brights Orchard is located on the western corridor next to the Control Tower - the parcel of land between the Centenary Play Space and Gorseland School. 

We all know the health, educational and ecological benefits that arise from working with and enjoying nature. Community Orchards are places for people to come together to cultivate fruit trees, to come together and enjoy the outdoor peace and tranquility an orchard has to offer. Orchards offer a focal point for community activities, and provide a green haven in which to relax and wind-down. They are also a great opportunity for people to learn new skills – fencing, wildlife watching, horticultural skills gained from pruning and maintenance of the fruit trees and jam and fruit juice making skills.

 We need enthusiastic volunteers and supporters in the short term to work on planting out the Orchard, and in the longer term a dedicated team to permanently manage the established orchard. Please email us to register your interest. (All information will be handled confidentially in accordance with the Parish Council’s data protection policy)