Sunny photo of a child's swing with slide in the middle background and a climbing frame in the far background Football goal on grassed playing area in the sunPanoramic view of play equipmentPlay inspector inspecting the swings


As part of the national response to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, we are working towards re-opening our playgrounds whilst maintaining social distancing.

Advice for users and parents

Jubilee Play Space is a lovely space (0.23 hectares) tucked away next to the Bike trails. It is accessible off Main Road using the bike path to the left of the new Gospel Hall entrance, or perhaps more easily accessible from the public footpath at Carol Avenue (opposite Martlesham Post Office and behind the Black Tiles Pub). There is an under 7s play area, a football kick around net and a seating area. It makes a great place to entertain children of mixed ages as the older children can use the bike trails whilst the younger children enjoy the play equipment.

  • Children and parents must not interfere with closure measures where a playground remains closed. If it is closed then this will be for a good reason. Do not endanger yourself by breaching closure measures. Wait until the playground has been opened properly.
  • Maintain social distancing within the playground, according to the Government’s latest advice.
  • If the playground is too busy then please go to another playground to play.
  • Wash your hands before going to the playground and after you have finished. Use hand sanitiser often.