Martlesham Village Fete 

Save the date!    Saturday 18th July 2020

Still on target for our summer event,  Saturday 18th July 2020.

As previously announced, we have been listening to feedback and are pleased to announce the following improvement:-

 - Some felt the stalls were too closely packed together last year so we will be spreading out to take up more of the Green

 - Opening up more of the Green should give the children’ fairground a better location and make the sporting skills tournament more accessible

 - We will designate a family picnic area to help  families settle in for the day

As usual, we aim to have a great mix of fundraising, home produced goods, arts and crafts, and stalls representing local organisations attractive to all age groups

You can also expect to enjoy a wide range of talented entertainers

Again, we secured the services of the Kesgrave Army Cadet Unit which makes such a valuable contribution to the smooth running of the fete.

Check the Martlesham Parish Council Facebook page for photos of the cadets receiving a certificate of appreciation from the council for the work they do

We have circulated  stallholders booking forms for 2020, and always open to new bookings from groups and individuals with a connection to Martlesham.

Contact email mvfete@gmail.com

A working group of Martlesham Parish Council : It is an enjoyable experience and doesn’t seem like work at all, so feel free to join us!

Please contact the parish council if you are interested.



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