Thank you to all those who replied to our questionnaire on what you would like. There was good support for all the options we suggested but on the basis of the response received we are planning to try and provide a trim trail first as that was the most popular choice. We are not ruling out the MUGA or the Pump Track but we are only a small group and feel we can manage just one project at present. Anyone wishing to help us with our projects would be welcome to join us particularly if they have skills in, or are an active user of, any of the facilities proposed.

The next steps for us now are to review and agree the proposed route of the trim trail and identify the exercise stations before we approach suppliers. We will need to gain agreement from landowners before we can proceed but we are hopeful that they will co-operate. Updates will be provided once we have made more progress on this. Meanwhile if you would like to help us please contact the Clerk.