The work day held on 20th October 2018, achieved some significant improvements to the area. Volunteers under the guidance of Neil Lister, enjoyed a fine day in which to conduct the work. Thanks to Neil for his help and guidance on the activities undertaken and to all those volunteers who worked so hard to improve the area for Martlesham residents.

The Bowls Club opened their clubhouse to help with refreshments which was warmly welcomed by those attending. Thanks to Christine for her help with this and the work she did with the other volunteers. The sedge bed had been cut and the cuttings were collected and removed. Areas of overgrowth were cleared and glades created in scrub-land to provide light and encourage wildlife. Here are some photos of the day:


2018 10 20 001

Start of Sedge Bed Clearance


Making Progress on the Sedge Bed 2018

Making Progress


2018 10 20 016

Cleared Sedge Bed


Starting Glade Clearance 2018

Starting Glade Clearance


2018 10 20 019

Glade Created


2018 10 20 020

Glade created and Dead Hedging being started


Removing the Cuttings

Removing the Cuttings


Removing Tree Guard Fencing

Removing Tree Guard Fencing No Longer Required.