Suffolk County Council is proposing new lower speed limits on the A12 at Martlesham and the adjoining roads leading into the parishes of Foxhall and Waldringfield (Foxhall Road and Waldringfield Road respectively).

 A new 40mph speed limit is proposed along part of the A12 in both directions for the purpose of avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road. Construction of the Brightwell Lakes development, including provision of a new signalised junction with the A12, may pose a hazard to motorists if the existing national speed limit of 70mph is not reduced. A new 50mph speed limit is proposed on the A12 to act as a buffer to the 40mph, to reduce traffic speeds gradually on the approach to this area and to link in with the existing 50mph speed limit further north. The proposed 50mph speed limit will extend for a short distance from each of the roundabouts into Anson Road, Barrack Square and Eagle Way (at its southern junction with the A12 only).

 A new 40mph speed limit is proposed on parts of Waldringfield Road, bordering the south side of the development, where two new estate accesses will be constructed.

 On Foxhall Road, a new 50mph speed limit is proposed from the end of the existing 30mph speed limit to its junction with the A12, where it will connect into the new 50mph speed limit proposed on the A12.

 In all cases, the purpose of the proposed lower speed limits is to avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road, which may arise from new turning movements or increased traffic usage.

The proposed speed limits will allow traffic speeds to be managed in a manner that is appropriate to the road layout and traffic usage.

For more information and a map,  please see our Road Traffic Orders page 

Otherwise please contact the Scheme Design Engineers at Suffolk Highways.