DC/20/0902/OUT Suffolk Constabulary Force HQ, Portal Avenue, Martlesham Heath - Outline Application (Some Matters Reserved) - Demolition and removal of all necessary existing buildings and structures to enable the residential development for up to 300no. new dwellings, with access from Portal Avenue, associated open space and landscaping, drainage and infrastructure (Comments to ESC by 01/08/2022)

DC/22/2797/TPO – Brambles, Main Road, Martlesham – Proposal – 1 no. Oak (marked on plan) - fell tree. (Comments to ESC by 22.08.2022)

DC/22/3131/TPO – 21 Nunn Close, Martlesham – T9 of TPO No.115/1998 – 1No. Hawthorn (T1 on plan) - Fell (Comments to ESC by 30.08.2022)

DC/22/3096/FUL - The Laurels, Bealings Road, Martlesham - Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling. (Comments to ESC by – 07.09.2022)
















Older 2022 Applications (where the deadline for responses has now passed) are available to view in our archived 2022 file. You can also read the responses submitted by the Parish Council to older applications by clicking on the relevant links in the archived file for all years.