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2015 is the year in which you elect your Parish Council. If you would like to influence or change things affecting Martlesham you could stand as a candidate. There is more information available here.

Recreation Ground

Dog Walking

There are problems with dog fouling at the Recreation Ground. The majority of dog walkers do act responsibly and it is unfortunate that their reputation is being harmed by a few who are inconsiderate. We are working with the District Council to address this and they will be patroling the area and offering advice. We would like to be able to identify and trace any offender(s) so that the matter can be taken up directly with them in an effort to try and eliminate the problem at its source. If you have any information that may enable any offender(s) to be tackled, please report them to the Clerk – the kind of information that is most helpful may include the following:

  • Names and addresses of alleged offenders
  • Descriptions of offenders and their dogs
  • Time and date when offenders are seen to fail to clear up after their dogs
  • Details (e.g. registration numbers) of any vehicle seen to be used to transport offenders’ dogs.

We would also welcome your response to a short survey which might help us tackle this here.

    Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation Closes on 9th March 2015

    Suffolk Coastal are consulting on the Neighbourhood Plan area for Martlesham. Information can be found at http://www.suffolkcoastal.gov.uk/yourdistrict/planning/review/community/consultation/#apps. Our Neighbourhood Plan Team have a website dealing with matters concerning the plan and that can be found at http://martleshamnp.onesuffolk.net/

    Woodbrdge Town also have a plan area for consultation and their proposals include parts of Martlesham Parish. We are very interested in the views of Parishioners on this matter so that we can represent your wishes.

    Guidance on the issues to be considered about the boundary are available here.

    If you have views on any of these plans then please make them known to the District Council at suffolkcoastallocalplan@eastsuffolk.gov.uk and copy them to the Clerk at clerk@martleshamcouncil.org.uk

    Bike Trails

    Bike Trails


    Did you know that the council has a Bike Trails site? Does your family use it? Do you want it to continue to be available? We need some help in keeping the site operating. Users are encouraged to help maintain the runs and jumps. As well as encouraging more users we need adults to help and assist with the general operation of the site. It would be a shame to see the site close because of lack of help or interest. In the past many young people have had tremendous fun here and it is a facility for young people which are so often lacking. If you can find time to help - young or older - a user, parent, grandparent, local resident or general good citizen willing to assist - please contact the Clerk for more information. We would be delighted to hear from you as we want to keep this site open for the benefit of our young people.

    Gloster Road bus shelter

    We have unfortunately been waiting now for a year for Suffolk County Council (SCC) to install this new bus shelter, despite having all the funding available and us making repeated requests.  We understand that we are not alone in this and SCC has a lot of outstanding work regarding bus stops & shelters in the region – cold comfort!  It seems that we cannot expect to get our shelter before the Spring. Please accept our apologies - we share your frustration at the delay.

    Parish Councillor Needed

    Essential requirement: an interest in looking after our parish for the benefit of the community.  Training & support provided.  Sorry, no pay but out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.

    If you would like to know more, the best way is to come along to a full Council or committee meeting, as listed below.  The Clerk is also happy to provide information or put you in touch with a councillor to get first-hand knowledge!

    Your parish councillors represent many walks of life and their work experience and local knowledge is invaluable in advising others and ensuring that the interests of the Parish are taken into account. We need input from both young and old, irrespective of gender, employment status or race.  The Council's current activities include:

    •          maintenance of footpaths and the Common

    •          provision and maintenance of bus shelters, litter and dog-dirt bins and seats

    •          maintaining four play areas and bike trails

    •          grass cutting and maintenance of the Green and Recreation Ground

    •          major challenges at this time include Neighbourhood Planning, the BT & Bloor Homes developments, proposals for housing development in the north of the parish.

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