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Please Note: That the Harry Higgins Play Area (that is the one by the Pavilion at Martlesham Heath) will be closed w/c 13th April for the equipment to be repainted.


Although the elections of the Parish Councillors have been completed for 2015 we still have two vacancies. If you wrere tempted to stand as a Parish Councillor but were put off by the process you could still be co-opted to the Council.

What have we been doing recently?

  • Arranging the Annual Parish Meeting on 22 April where we present grants to local organisations and report on our activities during 2014/15;
  • Finalising the end of financial year to 31 March 2015 accounts, details will be published shortly;
  • New path to the Centenary Playspace installed, funded by Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Community Enabling Budget, MHHL & us;
  • Sprucing up the Harry Higgins play area with a new coat of paint;
  • Checked our trees after the high winds.

Recreation Ground



There are problems with dog fouling at the Recreation Ground. The majority of dog walkers do act responsibly and it is unfortunate that their reputation is being harmed by a few who are inconsiderate. We are working with the District Council to address this and they will be patroling the area and offering advice. We would like to be able to identify and trace any offender(s) so that the matter can be taken up directly with them in an effort to try and eliminate the problem at its source. If you have any information that may enable any offender(s) to be tackled, please report them to the Clerk – the kind of information that is most helpful may include the following:

  • Names and addresses of alleged offenders
  • Descriptions of offenders and their dogs
  • Time and date when offenders are seen to fail to clear up after their dogs
  • Details (e.g. registration numbers) of any vehicle seen to be used to transport offenders’ dogs.

We would also welcome your response to a short survey which might help us tackle this here.

Gloster Road bus shelter

We have unfortunately been waiting now for well over a year for Suffolk County Council (SCC) to install this new bus shelter, despite having all the funding available and us making repeated requests.  We understand that we are not alone in this and SCC has a lot of outstanding work regarding bus stops & shelters in the region.


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