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Litter Picking - Clean for the Queen

The council held its annual litter pick as part of the national Clean for the Queen event on 21st May 2016. More information and picures here.



Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

It was with regret that our councillor Sylvia Howard has recently resigned due to personal reasons.  We are therefore seeking a new councillor.

Further information here.

Annual Parish Meeting

Here is a photo of those receiving grants from the parish council at the annual parish meeting

Further information is here.


What have we been doing recently?

  • Clean for The Queen litter pick on 21.05.16.
  • New direction signs for the Diamond Jubilee bike trails & Playspace.
  • As part of our management plan for The Common, a Greenways Project work party created a dead hedge by Mill Farmhouse using the brash from the tree work completed last winter.  They were able to create habitats for insects, in particular stag beetles, a species that has been recorded on the site in the past and which is declining in numbers across the UK.
  • Risk assessment for the Recreation Ground.

Diamond Jubilee Bike Trails

These dirt jumps are accessed off a track from Main Road, near Laburnum Gardens, on foot or by bike.  There is no access for motorised vehicles.  We are pleased that since their construction in 2012 they have been well used and on the whole looked after responsibly by young people.  Local volunteers inspect them weekly.

The dirt jumps had to be restored on 6th April 2016 after some of the jumps were damaged, a large pit excavated and fencing taken down. Fires were also made and scraps of metal etc. brought on to the site.  Making the site safe and useable again was undertaken at a large cost to the Council.

A message to all bike trail users:

• Please refrain from altering the jumps and respect the rights of others to enjoy them.

• Please help to keep the bike trails in good condition and litter free.

If you have any comments on the management of the bike trails or want to be involved in looking after them, please contact the Clerk.

Reminder re Planning Permissions for Martlesham Heath

Properties on Martlesham Heath are covered by a covenant which means that any proposed alterations, even small extensions, need not only planning permission from the planning authority, Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC), but also from Grainger plc who enforce the covenant.  If you are unsure it is wise to check with SCDC on 01394 444403 or e-mail d.c.admin@eastsuffolk.gov.uk, or Brett Girling of Grainger plc on 020 7940 9547 or e-mail bgirling@graingerplc.co.uk

Managing the Common

As part of the management plan for The Common work is proceeding on hedging and tree management as shown in these photos

Pine and dead hedging


Dead Hedging

Felled sycamores

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