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More Housing Developments in Martlesham

Woodbridge Town FC - Seckford Heights

The site is currently being considered for housing development. 95 houses are being proposed. The Parish Council have had mixed views from local resident some supporting development and some strongly opposed. If you have a view we want to hear it so please let us know what you think.

Dukes Park to Top Street

This area is also being considered for development. This is for 250 homes. Initial views are that this area is not suitable for development but nonetheless the matter is still under consideration. Again if you have a views we need to know them.

Please contact the Clerk with any views.

What have we been doing recently

  • New bins at Manor Road bus stop and Felixstowe Road picnic site
  • Bracken control on The Common
  • On-going land maintenance work continues to ensure open areas and playgrounds are fully enjoyed this summer and autumn
  • Dealing with planning issues within the parish
  • Bus shelter for Gloster Road on order & soon to be installed (Suffolk County Council delay)
  • Liaison with the Bowls Club on use of the Recreation Ground

Vacancy for a Parish Councillor - Your Village Needs You!

If you have an interest in the local community or there are things you think we should do and you would like to know more, the best way is to come along to a full Council or committee meeting.  The Clerk is also happy to provide information or put you in touch with a councillor to get first-hand knowledge!

Your parish councillors represent many walks of life and their work experience and local knowledge is invaluable in advising others and ensuring that the interests of the Parish are taken into account. We need input from both young and old, irrespective of gender, employment status or race.  The Council's current activities include:

  • maintenance of footpaths and the Common
  • provision and maintenance of bus shelters, litter and dog-dirt bins and seats
  • maintaining and enhancing four play areas and bike trails
  • grass cutting and maintenance of the Green and Recreation Ground
  • major challenges at this time include Neighbourhood Planning, the BT & Bloor Homes developments

Annual Litter Pick

We had an excellent turn out on the 10th May despite the threatening weather. The rain largely held off and significant litter was collected from around Tesco's, the trading estate and across the common to Main Road. We were joined by representatives from Tesco including the store manager. They also donated refreshments. Our local PCSO from the Safer Neighbourhood Team attended together with police cadets. Thanks to Tesco and the SNT and to all who did attend to help keep the Parish tidy. There were 37 bags of litter collected, plus signs, a wheel (with tyre), strip light, fire extinguisher and cone.  In all 36 people took part.


Litter Pickers

Litter Pickers

Litter Picked

Litter Picked

We should also acknowledge the significant extra work put in by our Clerk, Susan Robertson. This work was over and above her normal duties and she gave up her own time to help and assist despite a very busy week. She also had to be present very early on Monday morning to put the rubbish out for collection by Sufolk Coastal.

New Councillor Appointed

At the Council meeting on 7th May the Council co-opted Mr Mathew Percy to the Council. He has expressed a wish to give a voice for younger members of the community and we look forward to his input to our activities. We still have a vacancy and if you too want to join us, please contact the Clerk.

Annual Parish Meeting

What has Martlesham parish council been doing for you?

This question was answered at the Annual Parish Meeting on 30th April 2014. The parish room was full as the parish council reported back to Martlesham residents and guests on its activities. The proceedings began in a celebratory mood when presentations of grant cheques were made to those organisations which the parish council has been able to financially support this year, these were:

  • Beacon Hill Primary School
  • Martlesham Heath Baby and Toddler Group
  • Martlesham Conservation Group
  • Martlesham Historical Society
  • Martlesham in Bloom
  • Greenways
  • Home Start
  • Disability Advice Service
  • Suffolk Accident Rescue Service

Each presentation was followed by a brief word about the work of the organisation.

The Council then reported on its activities which are principally carried out by Committees, made up of councillors, Working groups, made up of councillors and other volunteers and thirdly by councillors representing the interests of residents on other groups.

The principal achievements reported included

Users of the play equipment, recreation ground, football pitches, the common, the green, footpaths and open spaces all benefit from the land maintenance organised by, and inspections carried out, by the Recreation and Amenities committee

Portal Woodlands Conservation Group manages the work programmes and educational activities carried out to the benefit of all users of the area

Bike Trails Operations Management Team manages the Jubilee BMX bike trails. It is particularly pleasing to see the young users of this facility contributing to its upkeep and maintenance

Recreation Ground and Kronjie’s Piece Stakeholders Group is a newly founded group which has developed a management plan for its area, which will combine enhanced recreational facilities and use with a sensitive management of the natural environment

All residents benefit from the work of the Development Plans committee as it works towards ensuring developments are suitable and that the views of residents are taken account of in public consultations

Neighbourhood Plan Group has been consulting and working towards a Neighbourhood Plan to shape developments in the future, it and its sub groups have been some of the most active bodies in Martlesham this year

Finance and General Purposes committee ensures that the highest standards of financial management and governance are adhered to by the council, standards far in excess of statutory requirements

Other Martlesham organisations and the Police also took the opportunity to report on their activities. After an informative and interesting evening light refreshments were served.

There are photographs of the evening here.



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