In an Emergency Dial 999.

Parish Council Defibrillators are situated outside the Black Tiles Pub on Black Tiles Lane (IP12 4SP) and the Red Lion Pub (IP12 4RN). Other defibrillators are situated at the Martlesham Heath Control Tower (IP5 3TR), St Michael's and All Angels Church (IP5 3PL) Martlesham Heath and the Ten Pin Bowling Alley on Gloster Road (IP5 3RJ).

If you believe a person has suffered a cardiac arrest  and is unresponsive and not breathing, immediately call 999 and ask for the Ambulance Service. They will give you the location of the nearest defibrillator. They will advise what action to take. The Operator will give instructions and tell you the keycode to unlock the cabinet housing the defibrillator.

If you need any information about a particular defibrillator in a non - emergency, please use the contact details shown on each defibrillator cabinet. For the Parish Council defibrillators, please contact us here at the Parish Council and we shall be happy to answer your enquiry.